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Should CoR get rid of equipment?

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I personally believe that they should, as equipment makes smaller players completely useless against big players, not that I am a noob without any equipment, but that is what I think. Also, equipments like saturn that certain players like myself weren't here for really give my opponents the advantage. Also, PvP could be a lot more competitive and strategic without equipment, and it wouldn't just be hast and sag vs hast and sag every fight.

Dude what we all do if we didn't spend most of our time on COR chasing items for equipment?

With no equipment the game would die very quickly I think. And yes there are some advantages with some equipment like the Rain Hat but that is the game, if there were no Rain Hats there would be some other piece of equipment that has an advantage. (And no I don't have any Rain Hats on COR)

I still think they should bring back events that allow players to get Rain Hats but who knows there are new equipment items coming soon and they may have even better ability's.

I would just like to add the DEV's have been doing a great job of late with keeping servers active through merges and events.

Thanks and keep up the good work all you DEV's out there.


Equipment sucks It is unbalanced and poorly implemented into the game.


Reply 2# AttilaTheHun

    This game was WAY more fun without equipment and it would not die. Obviously you were not around before equipment was out.  I remember playing B2 for over a year with nearly no drop off because every single person on the server had a chance to help in a battle and kill someone elses troops. The only thing you had to do was make sure you had high techs and a big enough hero to put equits and onags on.

Now with equipment, newbs cannot fight and servers start to die within a few weeks because those newbs can't compete with anyone. The top leagues hog the rhines and little leagues can't get them unless they are allowed to by the bigger leagues. Don't get me wrong here, Im in one of the bigger leagues and I have almost 5 full fear heroes, but the little people on my server cannot compete with us. It's boring as hell.

Like I said about B2, everyone had a chance to contribute if you had the troops and the game was 10x more enjoyable. They will never get rid of equipment so this thread is pointless but I would definitely be all for getting rid of it and preserving what I played this game for a long time ago. To actually fight and rebuild instead of playing farmville and saving troops for Axis and RC reset like everyone does now. You actually used to know how to play the game before, not anymore.


yep, right, spiking  then was a group work.

i agree with all you said,only cor is earning so much money selling gears.


well, its in here now so i guess they can never take away.. but tbh, a even battle field back on orginal verison of caesary was good as every1 can always fight without much dif other than techs.. i would rather this as it will bring every1 to fight instead of the geared players while others grind.. i can see a bigger inbalance coming when v1.4 comes out hence why the no info virtually


ye.. I remember too when there was no equipment on COR/Caesary    was way more fun..  you just sent everything in a fight and hope that you had more troops then your enemy ;)
and everyone could be on the  same lvl as you could only have rec as high as lvl 10..   
was good times inded ^^


yeah the good old days...when it took 10 days to build a lvl 10 rect (9.5 really, but who is counting)


LOL, little players without gear should not be able to compete with the big players, that's why they have to focus on getting gear first.

The only excuse for not getting a couple rcs levels and good aois with some good city placement is not being on at resets, which they do 3 times a day for aoi and rotate for rc.  Plus now you get all these emblems for free by being in a league doing castles.

The point is that your whole premise is wrong.  Small players can compete and contribute effectively.  All they need to do to start doing so is build up a good set.

Now you'll obviously need some size, and rank, before you can even get the items, but that's a necessary part of the game.  What iGator is really saying here is that the game is slanted against inactive and lazy players, so cry me a river.  And talk about giving alts more power, lol.

Especially with the addition of the new gear, which focuses the game more on making a few high powered heroes, small players really have an opportunity to contribute to league battles (though admittedly most of the idiots on here have such a low comprehension of how gear actually works they don't appreciate it).  The real problem is not gear... but people not understanding how to use their gear effectively, which I can guarantee they don't on your server if all you see fighting is hast and sag.


And strategy?  No gear is simply a numbers game.  Gear makes this game all strategy.

Case in point: ... 674865973d3fee7.xml


Equipment made CoR alot better, before the new ranks/axis/equipment the game was too simple and easy to complete. It got boring far, far, far, far,far too fast.

Regardless, this thread is subjective and retarded. People can throw their opinions around all they like, but the fact of the matter is that Heroica would never consider an update that would be wholly counter productive in respect to profits.


How about instead of getting rid of equip, adding new techniques? or maybe another 2 different types of troops? or an arena where equip isn't allowed?


I think the Devs should just make one server where no gear is available so that those who want to be on it can and those that like equipment dont have to.


I'm up in the air on this one.

There were pros and cons to caesary 1.0, and what came after.

I miss some things about the way it was before equipment. You didn't get your lion and fearless and then never have to worry about players below a certain size facing you in direct battle. You were always vulnerable, because it was possible for a group of smaller players, with good coordination, to take on a much bigger player and win. Not by guerrilla tactics but fully head on. Wall defences were also much more of a deterrent. And the way troops worked, it wasn't the crappy troops (hast and sag) that were king of the battlefield. The game made more sense in some ways. Principes were really useful, colo hits against big walls and heavy defenses were very risky if defended, and it seemed to me that there was a lot more pvp; and it was much less predictable.

But. The arrival of equipment was a godsend in other ways. Equipment and the new ranks are inextricably linked, because dracos, twelve tables and all that other stuff comes from axis, and it's hard to imagine doing anything past front squads with no equipment at all. And the game finishing at level 10, or progress becoming unbearably slow after that, isn't something I'd want to go back to.

Also luxes. Doing 10s without equipment was even more of a chore than it is now.

It's a moot point in the end, a lot of work to roll back game features, that would probably cause a mass exodus of players.

The idea of a single server without equip might be fun but I would imagine, the technical details involved in doing it would be too much work for a company that worked hard at making their game better, let alone this bunch of slackers.


And strategy?  No gear is simply a numbers game.  Gear makes this game all strategy.

Case in point: ...
Stargate Posted on 2012-10-16 14:40

You'd think so, but it wasn't really like that. Pvp matches became much more predictable after equipment was introduced: generally speaking, the higher ranking players almost always win against lower ranking players, if there's a big enough separation in ranks. Below 4th legion can't possibly have a lion sword, for instance, so the caesar loaded with fearless will pretty much always beat them, no matter how many of them there are, no matter how well they coordinate. That really wasn't the case prior to the introduction of equipment.

I'm not saying there was more strategy before, or more now, they were about the same I'd say. There were different considerations prior to equipment. Things that no longer factor in, like wall defences, and things that still factor in but to a lesser degree, like the rock-paper-scissors nature of the troop types. But for sure, pvp is more predictable (not predictable in an absolute sense, just more predictable)


Reply 15# Edgewaters

    Original Camulod?

On the entire point, removing equipment wont happen.
Any new NPC released after the introduction of equipment revolves around the necessity for equipment such as the Carthage Revolts, Rebel Alliance etc.

Obviously for anyone with a brain you can see equipment will always exist on this game. And I agree with the point it is largely the lazy players who wish equipment wasnt part of the game.

On the point of Saturn equip there is a notable problem documented by players on the Saturn Rainhat. I've plenty of hats, so im not complaining but on several occassions I've beaten players using hats without using mine. I've tested setups for beating hats, and theres not a massive amount but they exist. Its just a simple and easy complaint that people know they will get back-up on since they arent alone in not having the equipment.


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Reply  Edgewaters

    Original Camulod?

On the entire point, removing equipment wont happen.
An ...
yomommaX2 Posted on 2012-11-22 22:19

True with the gears.. the will always exist.. but with the rain hat.. theres always sumthing that beats sumthing.. to what beat rain hat can be easy beaten by another type of hero and which then rain hat would beat that hero.. just saying having rain hat against not(and ur not fighting noobs)  just gives those player with extra types of heros to set up.. Theres serveral types of hammers that be used to beat another with type of hero and gears... people who know how to fight will always put a random mix of this.. why event should happen as more gears the better.. but if there is no plans to ever bring out saturn event with a cap.. they should make a exchange for fear ;) This way there is no complaining as every1 has chance for same amount of Saturn RH or no-1 having RA.. Then msx1(or whatever they will call it) merge can finally happen. hopefully increase of aoi and rc #2 would be nice too when this happens )


Reply 17# Waris

    Sx1,Sx2 and Sx3

Aye agreed to an extent.
Saturn does need to come out again, I dont think there should be any cap though. But im greedy, so of course il say that.

And on the point of a server merge between the Sx servers, it would be very unfair on Sx1 and Sx3.


i think it would be alot easier to just merge now so we can get it over and done with and start the new  Year off COR free haha

but tbh... even if a saturn event did come out.... we would say have a month to get some saturn.... but on the flipside.... sx2 also have that same time t get extra so we will always be behind regardless... What COR need to do is change the stats of equipment to render it useless and exchange for fearless? or lion or something like that.. hell Even exchange saturn for lev 5+ equips?

either way regardless we will always be behind so lets just merge and get to it



Reply  AttilaTheHun

    This game was WAY more fun without equipment and it would not die. Obviou ...
iGator Posted on 2012-8-7 21:17

    totally agreed Igator


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On the entire point, removing equipment wont happen.
An ...
yomommaX2 Posted on 2012-11-22 22:19

Oh I agree, like I said, even doing a single server without equipment is not practical.

I don't think it's just lazy players who want to get rid of it though, like I said there are pros and cons. On the whole I prefer it with equipment but it has some drawbacks. Predictability is a major one. Rain hats is not really what I was referring to. One well-equipped player can defeat an entire league of unequipped or poorly equipped players, regardless of how they set up. Rain hats can be defeated, but that's a situation where you've got well-equipped players battling other well-equipped players who happen to have a particular item, not really the situation I'm thinking about when I say the predictability increased with the arrival of equipment.

From the perspective of the server you're on, this isn't really an issue. Everyone who's serious about the game on that server has a decent amount of equipment. But on newer servers, it's a different story And it's bad for pvp, because people know they can't win, so they just hide. What ends up happening is that you put in lots of effort to build up and then find you don't have anyone to fight. Not saying there's an easy solution, just pointing out a fact.

As far as rain hats go, I think the solution there is pretty obvious: rain hats should not be changed, or have to be exchanged, but there should be another Saturn festival. I can't see any good reason why not.


Reply 21# Edgewaters

    Firstly, you missed my first question which was probably the only real reason I replied lol.

I know exactly what you mean by "knowing you cant win" considering I started up on B53 for the sake of it, and in-time as equip has been gotten by players(Largely through buying prestige, up to a certain point). And theres players I couldnt go near simply due to equip. And yup, it sucks.

On saturn hats I agree.
Others say about exhanging etc.or not allowing Sx2 access to get more but fuck it, if I were them id rather have 15 hats and fight 30 then have 0 hats and fight 15.


Well they could make something no gear like Castles or something so smaller players can help there league


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